Learning German for Beginners

Every week I will list tips and tricks on how to easily remember some of the important rules that are vital to knowing the language.

As part of my life’s journey, I took a sabbatical from doing science to try to learn a new language, something I never thought I would do, but I did in 2016. There were some ups and some downs but the trip was sure worth it. Now, I am sharing some valuable information that I hope will help students that are living in Germany and don’t have the time to take classes.

Week1:TIPS to easily remember Gender of German Nouns

Week2: Direct and Indirect Object

Week3: Indefinite Article and the Negative

Week4: Personal Pronouns

Week5: Question starters

Week6: Modal Verbs

Week 7: Possessive Articles

Week 8: Mögen versus Möchten

Week 9: The Regular Verb

Week 10: Important Verbs- sein, haben and werden

Week 11: Past tense – sein, haben, werden and modal verbs

Week 12: Prepositions of Time 1

Week 13: Prepositions of Time 2

Week 14: The Future Tense

Week 15: Separable Verbs (trennbare Verben)

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