12 Question starters in German

You go to the store and you want to ask the clerk a question or you want to ask the bus driver where the bus is going to and at what time. What do you say? Here are 12 question starters that you will find useful. I’d like to introduce them this week.

For me, the hardest amongst these were trying to remember the difference between wo and wer. As a native English speaker you would think that wo is who and wer is where just by the pronunciation. In German, this is just the opposite. You can download the above pic here.


Wo ist mein Handy? Where is my cellphone?

Wann kommst du nach Hause? When are you going to come home?

Was machst du? What do you do?

Warum bist du müde? Why are you tired?

Wer ruft mich? Who is calling me?

Wie geht es dir? How are you?

Wessen Buch ist das? Whose book is this?

Gibt es ein Hotel in München? Is there a hotel in Munich?

Worüber spricht ihr? What are you speaking about?

Welche Sprachen kannst du sprechen? Which languages can you speak?

Wohin gehst du? Where are you going to?

Woher kommst du? Where do you come from?

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